Actor & Model Test Shoots - Photography and Make Up

Actor and model shoot test rates vary depending what agency you're with and what they require  for your portfolio. Call me 0274328385 or email me owen@owenallison.com to get a quote for your pictures or make up. 
Below is a test shoot example of Margot S....

Margot test shoot photographyMargot test shoot photography

What is an Actor or Model Test Photography Shoot?

If you look online you will find many different meanings for a 
‘Test Shoot’ ... here is an outline of what to expect..... 

A model / actor test shoot is photographed in a professional studio where you have a period of time to work together to get as many usable images as possible to then be able to show media/agencies/clients etc your potential as a model or actor. The shots are used mostly in online web profile representation with commercial model and acting agencies. 
If you're wanting to get test shots done you need to think about what clothes you are going to wear ranging from one look to possibly five outfits or more. Your agent will often define the styling looks they see you best in, such as a corporate or a casual look.
 Also think about your hair and make up for the shoot...simple and natural looks tend to work the best in photos.

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Margot test shoot photographyMargo test shoot photography