Owen Allison Biography

Currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. Owen has always been passionate about photography, magazines, make up and media.
Traveling and working on photographic and make up assignments for magazines and websites through Asia, USA, Australia and NZ for the past 15 years. Owen is presently working on media/web projects.
Recent bookings include make up and styling for the E Nutrition website, photography for the Ministry of Education's website, make up for Mindfood magazine, NZ Fashion Week bookings, grooming the All Blacks, billboards and advert campaigns for Soho Wines and regular contributor to Living Well, Mindfood and Good Health magazines.

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Owen Allison Media                               
P O Box 11 923
New Zealand
+64 9 5222396
+64 274328385

What makes a perfect picture?
A perfect picture is one you make not one that you take.
Having a great team, a model that takes direction well and most important great energy on the set! Pictures are perfect when it goes beyond what I had imagined, when it exceeds my expectations.